Video opens to various views outside the Mercer 1900 property. An aerial view is shown of the property. The Mercer 1900 logo is shown leading into various views of the pool area. Seating, in-pool loungers, tv’s, grills, and outdoor dining areas are shown. Video leads to an inside view of the clubhouse meeting room and lounge area. Next is a view of the gaming lounge with tv’s, video games, skeeball, and billiards table. Videos pans back to the clubhouse social lounge area with seating, decor, and leasing areas. The video moves to the 24-hour fitness studio with various forms of workout equipment with views of the pool and courtyards. The shot moves into the outdoor crossfit area with crossfit equipment. Next is the indoor full-service business center with desks, seating, and printing capabilities. Various shots of the mailroom, outdoor table seating, and views of the river are shown. The video moves to the living room of a unit, moving to each room as if you were walking through yourself. Luxurious decor, finishes, and furniture are shown. Shots of the bathroom with walk-in closet, spacious countertops, and bedroom are shown. The video moves to an outdoor view of an L-shaped patio transitioning to an aerial view of the pool and property. The video ends with the Mercer 1900 logo shown.